About Me

Well, hello there!

I’m Rachel. 🙂

I started blogging around March 2013 and I was originally a co-blogger at Say It With Books blog (hey, Nuz!), so you’ll probably see some of my reviews there too.

Last year, I found myself addicted to Goodreads and it dawned on me that writing reviews is an enjoyable yet challenging experience. At first, I found it hard to write a review especially when I loved a book so much, and also when I didn’t like it so much. Your favorite books may not fit my taste, but I’ll do my best to explain what I liked and did not like in what I read.

Moving on…

Aside from reading, I also like to sing in the shower, dance in my room, google about cute penguins, fantasize about getting my own pet pig, add things to do in my bucket list, and daydream about my favorite book boyfriends.

Forgive me for the randomness. I like it that way. Hee! So, expect random posts from me every now and then. Maybe I’ll talk about my favorite music artist for the month, or a TV show that I love, or a fun day with bloggers, or my dogs. (I promise you, they are ADORABLE!) So there you have it. Hope you’ll always visit my blog! *puppy eyes*

Thanks for dropping by! 😉

rach - Copy


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