(Blog Tour) Character Post + Giveaway: Black Collar by AN Latro

Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000026_00051]Title: Black Collar
Author: AN Latro
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After two years away, Seth Morgan has returned to New York, desperate to honor his father’s dying wish for a unified family. But the heir’s welcome is sadly lacking: his family’s criminal empire is divided, the woman he loves hates him, and his brother Caleb has become a cold stranger.

When a brotherly spat becomes a vicious misunderstanding that ends with Caleb dead, Seth is left reeling, and unsure who to trust.

Emma Morgan grew up while her closest cousin was away. She’s been sheltered her entire life from the realities of their family—something Seth has every intention of changing upon his return.

But not everyone in the syndicate is happy to have Seth home, and there are secrets surrounding Caleb’s murder. The deeper Seth and Emma dig, the clearer it becomes that not everyone shares their dream for the Morgan Syndicate, and not everyone wants the heir to ascend. goodreads-badge-add-38px11




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Purchase Links: Amazon | Barnes & Noble | Kobo | iBooks


Caleb Morgan is the black sheep of the family. Two years of his brother’s absence has left him cold and alone—except for Emma, the youngest Morgan. Because with Seth gone, there is no one else to teach—or protect—their innocent cousin.

But teaching isn’t always pretty—not in family who peddles in crime. goodreads-badge-add-38px11
Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000026_00051]Purchase Links:
 Goodreads | Amazon | BN | Kobo | iBooks


Alone in Cuba, Seth Morgan isn’t mafia royalty—he’s a thug with a gun, and everything to prove. When the shadowy kingpin behind the Cuban syndicate finally takes notice, nothing in Seth’s world will ever be the same.

Before the Empire, there was exile. A novella, set just before Black Collar Empire.
AN Latro loves good wine and the ocean, and prefers to write with both. She has a passion for bad boys in books, and stories that make you feel. She can most often be found along the Florida coast.

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Caleb’s Dating Profile

Name: Caleb Morgan

Age: 26

DOB: August 21, 1985

Physical Description: Blond. Blue eyes. Tall, and muscular.

Likes: Scotch. Marborlo Reds. Motor bikes. Swimming.

Dislikes: Liars.

Motto: I don’t do mottos.

About Me: I don’t do bullshit or drama. I don’t do relationships. I have my priorities—my cousin and brother, my family’s business. No relationship will take precedent before that. I’m a cold bastard, but I won’t lie to you and say it’s going to be sugar and roses—it’ll be fun. You’ll enjoy yourself and I’ll take care of you while we’re together. But I won’t ever be the kind of guy you settle down with.




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