(Blog Tour) The Real Score (Gezellig, #1) by Kesh Tanglao: Review + Giveaway

The Real Score - CoverTitle: The Real Score (Gezellig, #1)
Author: Kesh Tanglao
Date of Publication: August 28, 2013
Genre: Contemporary Romance/Chick-Lit
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Caitlin’s friendship with Marcus, the de facto frontman of the world’s biggest boy band Gezellig, has long been an object of scrutiny by almost everyone–their friends and families, the media, and his fans–ever since they “went public” a couple of years back. Who wouldn’t be interested? She was a nobody, catapulted into the limelight of his fame when he struck an unusual friendship with her.

To both Caitlin and Marcus, what they have is a “perfect little thing.” But then something comes along and threatens it.

In a no-holds-barred interview, will they finally be forced to settle the score? goodreads-badge-add-38px11


This story is every fangirl’s dream come true. It is so surreal and so intense at the same time. I can really relate to the main character, Caitlin, because I’m also not a hardcore fan of boybands nowadays and she does make perfect sense on why she wasn’t an admirer of Gezellig.

When Marcus and Cait met, I was a bit unconvinced because it seemed so unrealistic and too good to be true, but as they got to talking, I instantly felt the connection between the two of them. I also like the fact that Marcus is this very cool and down-to-earth guy, who doesn’t let fame get to his head unlike so many artists nowadays. As with Caitlin, she’s this hardworking girl who forgets to have a little fun every now and then and I am so glad that Lorin is there to remind her to take risks and be crazy sometimes.

I still can’t believe how Marcus and Cait managed to keep in touch for years, mainly through Skype and Facetime. Yeah sure, they get to see each other a few times a year, but I wondered if that was enough, and well, they sure proved that they can keep the friendship alive even if they’re always a thousand miles away from each other.

I love the progression of Marcus and Cait’s friendship — and all their efforts to make each other feel special and not alone.  I think they always knew their true feelings for each other but both were just afraid to ruin the friendship that they have. I honestly thought that this book will be a bit predictable just like the others, but I was wrong. There were still moments I didn’t expect to happen, especially towards the end of it.

Also, the other supporting characters are very likeable! Like Lorin, for example. Sure, she can get crazy, but she was just what Cait needed. And all the other members of Gezellig were also totally adorable. You can see this different side of them whenever they’re not on tour and it’s refreshing to read about that. They actually have committed relationships, they also get hurt and get heartbroken, just like us.

I can’t believe I cried in this one scene towards the end and I love that it made me cry. This book will teach you to take risks and be adventurous and that there’s also a fine line between friendship and romance. The Real Score is a light-hearted read about boybands, fangirls, concerts and craziness, but it will also pinch your heart a little in a way you will totally not expect. 
4AboutTheAuthorAuthor photo
Kesh Tanglao is a full-time market researcher. When she’s not crunching numbers, she spends most of her free time watching TV shows, listening to music, and reading. Also a self-proclaimed fangirl, she likes cheering for her favorite sports teams and supporting her favorite artists.

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